Alex Duckworth

I started candle making as a hobby in 2018, after I had an existential crisis, and for reasons I’m still unsure of, I chose to take up candle-making. I made my first tarts a few days after I got my supplies, and discovered I enjoyed the calming process along with the end result, while a bit on the rough side, ending up pretty good.


I pondered the idea of selling my candles for a while, as I refined my craft and my skill, but I ultimately started Gayest Witch after I encountered a mixture of annoyances when trying to find candles for my own home.


First, I had issues finding pure soy candles - the majority of mass-produced candles are made with either the petroleum-based paraffin wax or a paraffin-soy blend. Having done some research, I've found that the research about the environmental impact and safety of paraffin wax shows mixed results, and I decided I wouldn't run the risk and use paraffin or any material from non-renewable, unsustainable products.


As such, all of my candles are made from 100% soy wax. All wicks used have non-metal, cotton cores to help with burn time, while also allowing you to breathe easily knowing that your candles and wicks contain no heavy metals. Boxes are made from a 97% post-consumer waste recycled paperboard to provide eco-friendly protection.


The second issue I ran into was in finding candles that were simple. If I wanted to buy a candle that just smelled like lavender, it was next to impossible. I found notes of cherry blossom, citrus, or ozone in them, and that wasn't what I wanted. That's why I chose to offer basic scents such as Tangerine, Lavender, and Spearmint for those who just want something simple and timeless. A Lavender candle is going to smell like lavender first and foremost.


Every decision I have made surrounding Gayest Witch is geared towards supporting the push for eco-friendly products and allowing my customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their beautiful, fragrant candle doesn't have demons in the closet.