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Aquilina Smareglia

I lived in 11 different countries. In India with my mother. I visited the mega bazaars,
brimming with fabrics and handcrafts, mixed with the incredible scents of spices and Indian food. I started to love colors and the beauty of the Sari and cottons. Later in Guatemala, I could visit stunning markets of handcrafts and hand woven and handmade embroideries and textiles. During 25 years I have been a naïve painter and later I switched to fabric.

The materials of my cats and tote bags are Bolivian Ponchos, Argentinian hand-woven textiles, cottons from Africa and from other countries, embellished with antique handmade embroideries from Hungary, scapulars from Mexico (to give love and protection) and Catholic medals. 

My pieces are all one of a kind. I use the same fabric for several items but they will never be identical.

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