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Celia Tumolo

My name is Celia Tumolo. I make Holistic Topical Products for people and animals.
I started my herbal journey over 13 years ago because I had small children. I
started to really question what I was giving them and my desire to give them the
healthiest options out there. At the time, there wasn’t much available so I started
my journey to figure it out. I also realized that growing my own herbs to create
healthy options, was a crucial and fun part of the process.


My background initially was in Animal Medicine. I’ve been a Veterinary Technician for

30 years. Once I started having a family, I only worked as needed. As I started this herbal

journey I knew there was a place for herbal medicine for animals too. I have a small
collection of products for common issues that animals face. All of these products
are safe enough for the animal to lick because they don’t contain any harmful

All of the products I make I use daily for my family and my animals. With children
and animals, there are many bumps, scrapes, bruises and stings. Living in the
mountains we are exposed to all the flora and fauna. Being out in the woods and
also being outdoor people, we have been exposed to many creatures and critters
that can pack a punch if we unintentionally threaten them. Having a garden also
brings the critters as well.

I have taken courses at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and several years
at the Southeast Wise Women Conference. In herbal medicine, I know I will spend
my lifetime learning the benefits of herbs.

My gardening has mirrored my herbal journey. Learning how to grow herbs and
also learning their benefits, uses and contraindications is a symbiotic process.
They go hand in hand. It can be a bit overwhelming during planting season and
harvest season but it’s worth every moment.

The other products I use I work very hard at sourcing from reputable companies.
Other products include Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Waxes and Witch Hazel just to
name a few.

I am a small batch, one woman business. I have a webstore as well. I am on
Facebook and Instagram, although I don’t spend much time on either. With 3
teenagers, my husband, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 20 chickens and 15 ducks, I don’t have a
ton of time for social media. I am excited to be a part of Cville Arts and I hope
people enjoy my products!

Moon Roots Herbs

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