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Elizabeth Moss

I have been creating art for over 40 years. I have a fascination with symbols and the effect the images can have on the subconscious. Serendipitously symbols kept showing up in my life and in my artwork. The paintings I create speak to the universal connection I feel we all have. 

As a Reiki master, healer and intuitive artist, I learned to trust the process that informed the creation of the healing and meditation symbols. The challenge was and is to bring the symbols to life in a way that speaks to a person where they are right now in their journey on the planet.

The Symbols for Healing card deck answered that calling during the long winter of the Covid shut down. The symbols or sigils are created using the Viking alphabet. Each sigil contains the letters in the phrase as part of the symbol’s design that are layered on top of each other. I infuse Reiki’s healing energy as I create the symbol thereby allowing the viewer to receive the maximum benefit when working with the symbols.

This body of work includes meditation, healing symbols and affirmations where visually the viewer can engage and work with an image to raise their self-awareness or can simply enjoy the beauty of the designs. The symbols are a gift to be shared with others!

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