Jackie Fields

Enchanted Nature

"My love of nature, cultivated as a child growing up in England, can be seen in all of my work.  I have a passion for gardening, loving the smell of the various herbs and their healing properties.  My favorite is lavender, and I use it in my popular sleep pillows.  I also make oils including mint, comfrey, arnica and others."

"I learned to knit as a child, then learned to spin wool in 1980.  Since then, I have spun yarn from many different animal fibers, including Samoyed and collie dogs, sheep, alpacas, goats, Persian cats, and rabbits.  I raised angora rabbits and used their wool for my Camelot-themed stuffed bunnies."

"I have lived in Charlottesville since 1978, when my husband retired from the U. S. Air Force.  I worked at Ashlawn-Highlands for 18 years, doing demonstrations and tending the herb garden.  I also worked at the Michie Tavern, and sold my work at the Charlottesville City Market for 20 years.  I love the Charlottesville area, and became an American Citizen in 1999."