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C’ville Arts Features – “Come Closer!” - During August

Jennifer Paxton has been handcrafting her beloved, colorful clay jewelry for over 35 years, but at C'ville Arts Cooperative Gallery on August 6th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm we are thrilled to debut her unique photography of the natural world alongside her nature-inspired ceramic jewelry. Join us on a walk through the woods as you journey through her show during the Historic Downtown Mall's First Friday event.

Year after year, Jennifer has been drawn further and further down Nature's path. That is reflected in both her ceramic jewelry and her more recent deep dive into photography. The birds and the bees. The flowers and the trees. The mushrooms below and the moon up above. Nature's call is irresistible, and that call is honored with every piece she produces, every photo she chooses to print and share.

What makes her work stand out is not only the wonderful subjects and their closeness to the lens, but also her passion for vibrant colors. Her style creates an intimate connection between you and what you're seeing. Colors are carefully selected then she raises their intensity and contrast to heighten the overall mood and experience. "That's how I love bringing something to life!", says Jennifer.

So, "Come Closer!", follow Jennifer ‘down the rabbit-hole’ to a place of visual and textural wonder. See what you might find and where it just might lead you!

To learn more about Jennifer Paxton's work:

Contact her via email:

For additional information, contact Genevieve Story at 434-972-9500. The gallery’s web site is The C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery, located on the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

C’ville Arts is open 7 days a week - Monday - Thursday 10-6; Friday/Saturday 10-7 and Sunday 12-5. We’re updating hours of operation as much as possible, check us out on social media for current information.

ABOUT C’VILLE ARTS – C’ville Arts, a cooperative membership gallery of more than sixty local artists and crafters, was established in 1997. Original works include photography, painting, glass, fiber, clay and pottery, quilling, metals, mosaics, jewelry, leather, candles and wood.

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