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Al Cleveland

For over thirty years I have pursued a love affair with the finest hardwoods in the world.  Years ago I discovered the secret of these densest and most beautiful of the world's woods:  by persevering long past the point when most other woodworkers would consider a piece completed, I come to a magic moment when the wood seems to melt and flow as the liquid curves run together into a seamless delight.

I employ no fillers, stains, or other chemical short-cuts in my work.  The colors are those of the natural wood, and the high luster is the product of patience and devotion, not varnish.  As a result, with reasonable care, each piece will continue to look new for generations.

My motivation is to create functional and artistically creative works which please both the hand and the eye - a feast for the senses.


What Sets My Work Apart?


Most other woodworkers use lesser woods which they then stain, fill, and lacquer to ape the royal hardwoods.  I use the finest hardwoods in the first place;  everything I make is genuine, and the quality shows through.

I employ power tools only to prepare raw stock and rough blanks - the rest is entirely handwork.  I create form the way Nature does, by patient erosion, not mechanical blitzkrieg.

I don't do mass production:  Every piece I make is a unique conception and a lifetime heirloom.

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