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Andrew Rose

As a glassblower with over two decades of experience, I specialize in crafting small, highly detailed items such as jewelry, ornaments, and marbles, and other gifts including hummingbird feeders and planters.

My creations are hand-blown using high-quality borosilicate glass. Commonly referred to as Pyrex, borosilicate glass can withstand much higher temperatures than most other types of glass and is more durable. My work is created using a torch burning propane and oxygen, and all of my pieces are kiln-fired at 1050 degrees to anneal them for added strength. This also serves to enhance many of the colors, which is a process known as striking. In addition to a variety of colored glasses, I also use 24-karat gold and .9999 fine silver in a process called fuming. Adding these precious metals produces many of the colors and finishes you see in my art.

My pieces are created in my home studio in Crozet, Virginia where I continue to be inspired by new possibilities for my art every day.

Andrew Rose

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