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Barbara Brecher

Wearing Barb’s clothing is to wrap yourself in a piece of art. Each of her pieces
incorporates a unique fusion of textures, materials and colors. These elements come
together as she creates the fiber. While she may begin with an idea and color
direction for a piece, the flow of the materials guides her process to the finished
She wants clients to feel a sense of joy wearing her work.
Her pieces reflect her sense of design and her love of textiles, texture, color, and
experimentation. When Barb started out in the graphic design field, in 1974, she was
at a table drawing using hand-held tool and immersed in the tactile materials of a
designer. However, by 1989 it became obvious, that to succeed as a designer, she
would be using a computer, software and other non-tactile materials. Barb began
the search for a tactile outlet.

Barb was lucky to meet some amazing fiber and felt artists in Alexandria Virginia
where she was living at the time. They taught her the basics of felting and were by
her side as Barb explored the medium. Because of their support and encouragement
to experiment, her work has evolved from thick and bulky pieces to light as air silk
and wool wearable artwork.

In addition to C’ville Arts, Barb’s work is available at the following galleries:
Pearl Boutique, Kilmarnock Virginia
RAL Art Center, Kilmarnock Virginia

More work is on her website: Info@

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