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Dana Masters

On A Whim Pewter is a line of pewter Tooth Fairy boxes, trinket boxes, Christmas ornaments, baby gifts, charms and other whims.  About her work, Dana says, “In creating each of my Whims I strive to capture a feeling of movement, interaction, and warmth, filling each piece with detail and hopefully bringing it to life.”

I graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.  After graduation, I headed for Williamsburg, VA, where I spent several years honing my skills in different media.  Sculpting gave me great satisfaction.  So upon advice from a friend, I moved to New England, the hub of the pewter and jewelry industry. My in-house experience with New England companies gave me a chance to work on projects for such companies as Disney, Hudson Pewter, and General Motors.”

“In 1992, I founded On A Whim. Drawing upon my experiences in the industry and my past, I began designing, sculpting, and producing my own lines. Eventually I returned to the Williamsburg area, where I currently live and work.”

Dana creates many charming and whimsical objects, including “Little Guardians”, which are Tooth Fairy Boxes ~ Each Tooth Fairy box opens to reveal a hidden compartment, just the right size to hold a tiny lost tooth.  The child places their tooth inside, follows the instructions in the poem and in the morning they will find a treasure tucked inside the fairy pouch.

~ Also available are “Guardians of the Curl” baby’s first curl boxes.

ON A WHIM Christmas ornaments are full of animation and pop-up surprises, and little dragonfly and cat pocket charms make wonderful keepsakes.  Tuck the charms in a greeting card (write “hand stamp” on envelope if mailing), attach them to a gift, or carry them in your own pocket for inspiration. Each is approximately 1.5″ long. The backs are inscribed with words of wisdom, inspiration, love, and fun.

“My approach to developing pieces for my ON A WHIM collection begins with an idea. I gather inspiration from everywhere and observation of life around me: family and friends and, of course, a couple of terrific cats. I try to create pieces that are both whimsical and utilitarian at the same time ~ trinket box figurines, tooth fairy boxes, etc.  Every design is my own original concept.  Once I’ve solidified the idea for a new piece in my head, I begin to carve using a variety of sculpting waxes.  Once I’ve completed the waxes to my satisfaction, they are ready to be transformed into pewter.  Molds are made of my originals and castings are then created from those molds.  Finishing touches are then added.  The entire process is fascinating, and truly a labor of love (and many late nights!)”

Dana Masters
p: 804.932.9446

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