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Deb Booth

Different Light Studio

“Quilling: The art or craft of making decorative designs out of thin strips of rolled paper.”

Deb has worn many hats in her life – among them: hairdresser, actress, photographer, and Zentangler. All of them have contributed to her current endeavor: quilling. Hairdressing gave her a love of flowing lines and curls, and her photographer’s eye and experience has fostered a love of creating an arresting visual scene, and a delight in exploring new techniques. Her theatre major background and time as an on-air radio personality taught her to think on her feet, and improvise.   Zentangling (doodling with a purpose) helped develop her eye-hand coordination.

And in February of 2015, she discovered contemporary quilling on Pinterest, of all places.

Originally, she wanted to find a use for photos she’d misprinted, but quickly learned the negatives of non-quilling “quilling paper” – color on only one side, no color in the center of the paper (which is glued on its side to a background – so it’s completely visible). An avid collector, she immediately invested in every color of quilling paper known to man – and 6 different types of glues and fixatives. Then, let’s talk about jewels, spangles and sparkles – those became part of her arsenal as well.

Quilling: a way for Deb to let her own thoughts, cares and worries recede, and allow for Spirit to speak to, and through, her. The only thing she can sit down to do, and not look up again for four hours – and never once think about the passing of all that time. What a joy!

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