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Eileen Butler

Growing up on the Long Island Sound in New York, my favourite color became water- turquoise. Some call it aqua or teal, the color of a body of water so clean, it can reflect a pure sky and change with the breeze. You can see straight through to the sand or pebble floor. The color, light & movement it evokes is magical. Turquoise is a rare stone and is not often seen in nature away from the sea. It always surprises me and inspires feelings of relaxation, tranquility and calm. Water and wind infuse all of my work.

My art takes various forms and media which allows me to invent ways to make the art speak for itself. Mosaics represent the hard surfaces of my rocky North Shore Beaches, incorporating the fluidity of the sea in my designs. It’s not until the first piece of a series is completed that I have uncovered the process, it’s new every time I begin a new series whether in paint or in mosaic. That way of working keeps my art fresh and frees me to focus on the challenges of creating liquid and solid surfaces while letting the colors speak up. Richness is achieved through mixtures of media with layers of colors for the sake of surprise or whimsy.

I love when a viewer sees a piece and has to take it home. My feeling is that art should be accessible and affordable. I live with my art all around me and love to change pieces throughout my home


Categories that apply to my work: Garden art, Glass, Green/recycled Art, Lamps, Mirrors, Mosaics, Sculpture, Wall Art.

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