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Eve Watters

I’ve been captivated with folk and indigenous arts, as well as vintage graphics, design and illustration, since earliest childhood. I’ve lived in Asia and the UK, absorbing ancient arts to infuse my own work. I am interested in how color, line, words and imagery work together to nourish heart and spirit, fostering courage and hope. I produce art for the health and healing of all our hearts.


I make art for the all the senses, on stage in a decades-long touring career as storyteller and musician, and from my studio, in mixed media paintings, assemblages and ornaments that uplift and inspire. I work with acrylic, watercolor, pastels, ink, plus found and recycled materials and items from nature, often adding calligraphy and fanciful lettering.


And I love to make cards, in multiple styles, for every season. They’re one-of-a-kind, completely unique miniature works of art that can send a kind message around the world.


My work has been published regularly in internationally distributed magazines, including Gallery, Somerset Apprentice, Take Ten, Somerset Studio, Stampers Sampler, and Greencraft, It’s still evolving all the time, and my pleasure in sending art out into the world just keeps growing.

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