Flame Bilyue


Flame Bilyue’s paintings are two and three dimensional images created with water color,
acrylics, colored pencils and pastels. They are painted on canvas, paper or sculpted paper.
Her paintings create mystical, magical experiences where we are transported to unknown
realms full of beauty and vibrancy. Subtle figures, faces and creatures are woven into a
beautiful tapestry of woods and moonlit lakes.

We are reminded that there is a depth to the natural world that we rarely see. Using bright, colorful images can evoke dreams of ecstatic play and that call the heart to dance - images that tap into our childlike wonder.

Two dimensional paintings are created with water color, acrylics, colored pencils and pastels that are painted on canvas or paper. She also recycles and makes paper that appears three dimensional and finished with acrylic paint and framed under glass to protect the sometimes delicate fibers.

This, “Sculpted Paper”, is made from office paper, art scraps as well as other natural fibers or plants. These are soaked and turned into a pulp, shaped, painted and then dried on screens.  This creates depth and texture often drawing the viewer’ into the painting.

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C’ville Arts offers a tremendous range of crafts and art, including decorative & functional objects for your home & garden, wearable art such as jewelry and scarves, organic balms, photography, paintings, sculpture, and more. As a cooperative, we work together to operate the store, helping keep our art affordable. Visitors are able to meet and chat with the artists who are on duty each day. C’ville Arts has become a popular place to find unique gifts for all occasions and locally made mementos for visitors to our area.
The Gallery is honored to be a part of the Virginia Artisans Trail Network, specifically the Monticello Artisans Trail.  “Choose from the many creative excursions and activities available as you plan your trip to Virginia!  The Artisan Trail Network will help you navigate a unique adventure.  We invite you to explore the byways and back roads, visiting craft artisan studios, agri-artisan gardens & farms, wineries & breweries, galleries & craft related venues, local businesses & eclectic shops and historical & cultural points of interest.”  The Gallery was recently featured in a video produced for the Virginia Artisans Trail Network.