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Haley Jensen

Haley J's Intrinsic Natural Art

"I have always loved nature and the feelings it evokes in me. To me a walk in the woods is a healing experience, a time to feel whole. Growing plants is a way to feel connected to the earth, to life. It is this love of nature that first inspired my “Intrinsic Natural Art”.   So I started experimenting with my flowers and herbs, trying different techniques. I have spent many years perfecting my process and the challenges are great, but extremely rewarding."

"All of my recreations of nature are permanently preserved. My processes are many and diverse. Every flower and leaf is treated differently. All of my original designs are created on acid-free mat board, which prevents any deterioration of the plant material. What really sets my work apart is a special process that permanently seals each creation. This prevents the plant material from ever shifting in any way. "

"My designs are as diverse as nature itself...the possibilities as endless as the seasons. I feel very fortunate to be able to make my living doing something that I am so passionate about. In nature, there is continuity, yet also wonderful surprises. This is what makes it a wonderful source of inspiration. My love and respect for nature is reflected in my work. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them. "

Haley Jensen

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