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Jennifer Paxton

As long as Jennifer can remember, her strongest desire was to design and create hand-crafted items. During her early years, she fulfilled that need by exploring every craft project available: sewing Barbie doll clothes, selling painted rocks, embroidering, silk-screening, and by using her graphic arts skills. It wasn't until Jennifer's years as a high school art teacher that she discovered her passion for hand sculpting jewelry from clay. So, in 1985, she left teaching to pursue her dream of starting her business Jennifer Paxton Ceramic Jewelry.

Her pieces are made from low-fired earthenware clay using many different textures that are natural and man-made. The themes seen throughout her jewelry line are not only inspired by current fashions but also by images that evoke fun and playfulness. They are then painted with a wide spectrum of colorful glazes and fired in a kiln for a second time to achieve their glassy finish.

For the last 30 years, Jennifer has been selling her jewelry through a combination of attending art fairs, participating in cooperative galleries, and at various retail shops. She intends that her customers receive as much enjoyment from wearing her jewelry as she does from making it!

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