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Karen Rexrode

My work is often described as 3D collage, others call it Assemblage or Mixed Media, all
alluding to the fact that it is made of many objects. My studio space is rack after rack of
stuff, organized by what items are made of; wood, metal, resin, porcelain, etc… One
rack has a shelf of prized possessions, better stuff that either came with a big expense
or was gifted and is very special.


To visitors, the contents look chaotic; thrift store superheroes next to a collection of antique wood finials - but to me it’s heads, facial expressions, good hands, and ornate toppers. The prized possessions must be used sparingly, almost all irreplaceable, the ornate of the ornate!

To create requires a period of auditioning, placing one item with another and waiting for
some magic to begin. The layering of objects is like building a creative heap, shapes
have to feel right, main characters have to take center stage, weak junctures have to be
resolved.  An Apoxie clay is used (almost always) to unite and join, as are glues,
screws, and wire bits. After many days and a hardening of the clay (12 to 24 hours per
layer), a unified object begins to take shape. The last phase and usually a longer one
than the initial build, is the paint. There is a love/hate relationship with this stage, some
days go so badly that I set it all aside to sulk.


What you see here and in the shop are those that made me happy, the ones that I conquered, many through stages of doubt that seemed unfathomable.

My hope is that they make you smile or outright laugh. These are the results of a crazy
collection of stuff!

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