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Karen Shapcott

Middle River Creations

About her art, Karen says…

"Wool fibers inspire me.  The colors, textures, and how these fibers can be manipulated make for endless possibilities of artistic expression. I am most passionate about the art form of felting which includes dry and wet techniques using wool. Needle felting is a dry technique that I use and is accomplished by using a sharp barbed needle to sculpt wool. I especially enjoy creating faces with this method. Wet felting is accomplished by laying out wool and other fibers as needed, wetting them and manipulating the fibers by hand until the art piece is created. “Nuno” felting is a specific type of wet felting that involves the layering of different types of fiber including wool, silk, bamboo and others. My scarves and other wearable art are primarily created with this method. No sewing is ever used in my art work. "

“ I have been fortunate to have studied with leading felters from around the world and hope to forever grow as an artist.  Finally, I wish to pass on my knowledge and skills through teaching."

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