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Lisa Woods

The creative process is a wondrous journey for Lisa O. Woods. Known for her cat carvings and paintings, this artist explores the intimate relationships that develop with her feline family in both the studio and the yard. Soothing, playful and yet mysterious are some of the cherished qualities that shine throughout her collection.

Lisa’s unique painting style, known as Tempera Batik, is a technique she learned early in life. It’s characterized by a vivid use of color, an appealing textural surface that she builds on using watercolor crayons to highlight the tempera colors used in the first phase of the process.

As a woodcarver, Lisa lets the natural qualities of the wood take center stage. Highly polished figurines of graceful cats join her paintings with an organic and peaceful presence. She uses wood that is found on her 28-acre mountain top property already fallen or reclaimed lumber from multiple sources. Lisa is proud of the forestry that surrounds her and refuses to cut any treasured live trees for her sculptures or any other reason. For more information visit her web site

“I enjoy artwork that is inspirational and uplifting,” said Woods, participating member of C’ville Arts, “I believe in working from the heart. When artists create things they find meaningful, I think honesty and depth of feeling is reflected in their work.”

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