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Lisa Steinberg

Lisa Steinberg has created functional ceramics since 1994, working from her studio and selling items at various venues in the Richmond metro area. She creates because she loves the process and so that others can enjoy a piece of art that is both functional and beautiful.

She finds inspiration in her love for the outdoors, gardening, and the ocean. Each piece is influenced by an attraction to oriental art, texture, and carved surfaces. Her love of the ocean and garden can be seen in the glazes she chooses. In 2009 Lisa expanded into fused and stained glass, which is incorporated in several of her non-functional pieces.

Each piece begins with the end in mind. Upon starting a piece, Lisa has already determined its shape, size, carvings, and color. She kneads, throws, trims, and carves the piece before the initial bisque firing to 1,940 degrees. Of course, she can change her mind at any point when the clay speaks to her. After the bisque firing, one or more glazes are applied, and the piece is again fired to 2,232 degrees.

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