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Meg West

The beauty around me in Albemarle and surrounding counties is what inspires all of my paintings. We live in a visually stimulating environment. The rolling hills, the mountains, farmland and woods provide the elements for interesting compositions.

I went to Philadelphia College of Art, and majored in Graphic Design, minored in painting. That is where the seed of excitement for painting started. But I knew I couldn't make a living at that time in painting, so I worked for several years. In 2000, I started painting again and took a few classes at Piedmont Virginia Community College. After one year, I started painting full time.

I paint every day and enjoy the rhythm and momentum that comes with a steady flow of painting. The act of painting is what is important to me—I enjoy the feeling of being connected to my environment, myself and the painting. I look forward to developing as an artist and creating my future paintings.

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