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Nga Bui Katz

Nga Bui Katz was born in Vietnam.  She now resides between Charlottesville and Gordonsville with her husband of 50 years, Paul Katz.  Over the past 30 years, Nga Bui has exhibited her work world-wide, in Japan to Hawaii, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  About her life as an artist, Nga says, “Being an artist is a dream world and magical.  I can build bridges, create mountains, waterfalls, or just gardens of flowers among beautiful birds and cranes!  Above all else, I am a ‘Nature Painter’.”

Nga’s work is a style of painting called Sumi-é (ink, brushes painter) which does not ever  intend to duplicate nature, or compete with photographs.  Instead, there is a vision by artists who work in this tradition, and that is that they will strive to capture the essence of the beauty of the planet, reminding us to love and share and treasure it.

You can visit Nga’s work here, at “C’ville Arts Gallery” on downtown mall in Charlottesville, or on the web:

Cell 434-981-7615

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