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Pete Johnson

540 975 3383

Pleasure your inner eye and enjoy the beauty of useful art

Growing up in the household of a Jeffersonian architect and artist father, I have been intermeshed with the arts since early childhood, having fun creating with various materials. I have primarily been inspired to create with wood and metal in my adult years. My appreciation for form and function in design has been influenced as a result of my travels throughout Europe, having been exposed to the classic art forms and utilitarian pieces I found there.

My creative work now is the product of turning and sculpting wood on the lathe, allowing the wood to guide me toward its final form. Function of design is also important as I turn the piece. In addition my creative eye adds any detail or embellishment, which can bring out the natural features of the base wood of the piece. The majority of the wood used in my work is selected from the many beautiful species found here in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley, also I occasionally use exotic imported wood.

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