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C’ville Arts Features – “Fresh Perspectives” - featuring work by 5 new members - During February

We’re excited to introduce 5 local artists with a variety of mediums who are dedicated to their creative journey. Whether making candles or pottery, painting with needles and thread or creating delicate designs with hand-cut paper, this collection is impressive, innovative and produced locally by a group of talented artists using the best quality materials. Enjoy a brief introduction about each new member and stop by to enjoy the exhibit full of unique imagination.

Madeleine Watkins - Originally from the north of England, I have lived in Charlottesville for over 35 years and learned to make pottery here, in classes at PVCC and City Clay, where I now have a studio. I enjoy making functional pottery in bold and unusual colors, often with stripes, using the wheel to apply the underglaze pigments. My favorite things to make are bowls and vases, but I also make mugs, plates and lamps. I have a web site and I’m on Instagram too #maddycic.

Alex Duckworth - With all of my work, I focus on quality and ethics first and foremost. Hours of research goes into every ingredient and process I adopt to ensure a high-quality product without skeletons in the closet. Every candle is designed to minimize its environmental impact, and suppliers are as passionate about ethics and the environment as I am. Here’s where you can find me: or or

Mingqiu Chen - Paper-cutting Art - Paper-cutting is a traditional art in China. This art form can be traced back to the 6th century. The main tools for paper-cuttings are scissors and engraving knives. They are often found in wedding ceremonies as decoration for windows and doors. Ming learned this special skill as a child from her grandmother in China. When Ming came to the USA in 2004, she was eager to share her creations to the people of VA.

A collaborative effort by Wynn Creasy and Verna Moseley - From our first meeting when Verna brought one of her brilliant fiber creations to me to long- arm quilt for her, we both knew we had a special connection to each other, and to the creation of fiber arts. As my art evolved to more and more complex thread paintings, and she moved further away from tradition quilting techniques, we’ve been looking for an excuse to work together.

When we decided to create a joint piece for C’ville Arts, we immediately thought of Charlottesville’s long history of horsemanship and the hunt. We were both inspired by the beauty, majesty, and the lines of the animals involved. THE HUNT is a multimedia fiber art wall hanging.

For additional information, contact Amy Melville at 434-972-9500. The gallery’s web site is The C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery, located on the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; and Sunday from noon to 5:00 p.m.

ABOUT C’VILLE ARTS – C’ville Arts, a cooperative membership gallery of more than sixty local artists and crafters, was established in 1997. Original works include photography, painting, glass, fiber, clay and pottery, quilling, metals, mosaics, jewelry, leather, candles and wood.

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