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Stephen Dalton

Half-Baked Ideas Jewelry

"In making my watercolor paper based pieces, I feel as though I have carte blanche to create anything that strikes my fancy in a given day.  Nature, flora or fauna, is always in the forefront of my creative process.  Even my abstract pins or earrings may have their genesis in color combinations I’ve seen in my garden or those on a lizard’s back.  I’ve also always had a strong pull toward Art Deco design, which shows up more and more in my work---most recently in a line of cat jewelry."

"Working with paper, fiber, and epoxy, I feel as though the possibilities of what I can create are endless.  In fact, I often add to a twenty-year-old list of themes I’d like to incorporate into my work.  The task for me is to pick a subject or a color scheme and to make the most durable, intriguing, or fun piece of jewelry I can make."

"At art shows, or on the street, the best testimonies I hear come from my long-time customers, some for more than twenty years.  They often tell me, 'Your pieces last forever, and I get compliments every time I wear them.  And they’re so light!' "

"I believe creating whimsy is important in a world that needs lightness.  And I’m happy to do my part."

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