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Steve and Lisa Cunningham

Bead Brothers

Beads—they’re not just for jewelry any more. In addition to more traditional beaded necklaces and earrings, Bead Brothers creates hanging crystal Beadazzlers, whimsical Bead Being figurines, Scrabble tile earrings, and more.

With an emphasis on recycling existing jewelry, Bead Brothers blends the vintage with new colors and shapes to create eye-catching designs. Steve enjoys working with beads as a meditation in color.

Bead Brothers offers necklaces, bracelets, and anklets strung on sturdy soft-flex cable, ribbons with unusual pendants, earrings, and watches with beaded bands. Nearly all beads are glass, crystal, metal, or other natural materials. Most pieces can be shortened and earrings can be changed to clip style on request. Custom orders are always welcome.

Scrabble tile jewelry has become one of our best-selling items. Letter tiles are transformed into earrings and pendants with custom artwork. Choose your initials, high-point Q and Z, or whatever combination you desire.

Bead Beings are semi-posable figures made from beads, buttons, craft wire, vintage earrings, and charms or other bits and baubles. Each Being is unique and comes with a name. Your imagination takes it from there!

Inspired by nature, the Bead Bugz—Spiders, scorpions, mantises, dragonflies, and other creepy crawlies—are created from beads and craft wire.  Some have pins attached so you can wear them and freak out your friends.

Beadazzlers are crystal pendants suspended from a colorful beaded wire cable. Hang in a sunny window and send rainbows around the room.  Or choose a beaded ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

Steve began making jewelry in the early 1990s, inspired by Frisbee golf–playing friends. Bead Brothers was soon in business and after several years of vending at City Market, Bead Brothers was among the founding members of C’ville Arts, then known as Transient Crafters.

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