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C’ville Arts Features – “The Art of Humor” ~ During September

C’ville Arts is delighted to feature handmade figurines by our talented polymer clay artist, comic and sculptor, Derek Brown, during the month of September. He will be at the gallery to share his humorous new collection on September 1st, from 5 to 7 p.m. during the Historic Downtown Mall’s First Friday event.

Strange Clay Creations owner and founder, Derek Brown, took up forming figurines as an after work outlet to lift his spirits, something comedic and fun to offset the grind of his day job. The activity grew momentum when he saw the reactions folks had to his work, they laughed and smiled as a result of his joy playing with clay. His humor and imagination have become very therapeutic as he explores new ways of expressing our human condition. Quirky and endearing characters are hand made with polymer clay, baked and hand painted with attention to details and sure to elicit a smile.

Derek’s work ranges from lighthearted fun characters to sometimes cynical humor in his moody cartoon figures and offbeat animals, everything is fair game. His original sculptures are conversation starters and at times simply there to promote a much-needed smile, either way his talent for entertaining audiences is very popular. Derek’s work offers us a break from our usual reality, an escape from our daily life, and encouragement to keep on living despite the challenges that surround us.

Looking for a lift? Come see the show and take a little piece of humor home with you.

To learn more about Derek’s work visit Strange Clay Creations on the web and social media here:

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