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C’ville Arts Features – “Unmasked!” – During October

C’ville Arts is thrilled to present the dynamic, cheerful, and spirited work by our talented mixed media artist Sigrid Eilertson during the month of October. It’s easy to see her dedication and bubbly personality shine in her impressive new collection. She expresses joy creatively by using rich, vivid colors and themes that are influenced by her life journeys. It’s refreshing to listen to Sigrid describe what inspires her, what an amazing life so far!

“I perceive my art as an extension of my psyche. Life experiences have been woven into the content of each piece. These memories become the threads that literally create layers on the canvas.  My collages in particular are overlapping layers of my own personal growth experiences through the media of paper.  The process has become a metaphor for my utter existence…a mental road map in which art therapy becomes the vehicle for catharsis. Sometimes I utilize tangible mementos, train/bus/plane tickets, journal entries, photographs, hair, etc. to create a story through paper collage on my canvas.  I have lived a full life, traveling the hippy trail in Europe, having been a truck driver, working on a Lakota Reservation in South Dakota, employment on a psychiatric ward for 10 years as an art therapist and most recently becoming a mother. All of these experiences have had a profound effect on my art.”

Sigrid talks about her Masks:

“Masks give us the ability to become something else, to transform ourselves and find a new identity. Throughout the ages, masks have defined us, defied us and beguiled us. Starting with our ancient ancestors, steeped in ritual and ceremony, they connect us to whence we came.

All of these masks are small in dimension, lightweight and are easy to hang on the wall. All include a hook and are one of a kind. All have been crafted from building on a coconut shell with plaster and other materials. I love coconut ice cream so I had been collecting the shells for years. Many of the masks utilize little bits and bobs that I’ve found and collected over time. I like to think of these pieces as sustainable and environmentally friendly as they are created with recycled materials. They are truly a joy to make and put me in touch with a more playful element of my artistic practice.”

This is show you’ll love, please stop by and enjoy the experience, and support your local artists.

To learn more about Sigrid and her work visit her web site

ABOUT C’VILLE ARTS – C’ville Arts, a cooperative membership gallery of more than sixty local artists and crafters, was established in 1997.  Original works include photography, painting, glass, fiber, clay and pottery, quilling, metals, paper making, jewelry, leather, candles and wood.

For additional information, contact Amy Melville at 434-972-9500.  The gallery’s web site is C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery is located on the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

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